How to Conduct Viewings

Once your property is live, you should start receiving viewing requests. These will be sent to you via email and text message.

What should I do when I get a viewing request?

  1. Check the email we’ve sent you as this will include additional details about the viewer. You should ensure that you are satisfied with the information provided. If, having read the details, you don’t think they would be suitable, just let them know. Bear in mind that landlords and agents are bound by discrimination law. This includes not having a blanket ban on tenants who receive housing benefit.
  2. You should satisfy yourself that the enquirer will be suitable in terms of any restrictions imposed upon you by your mortgage, insurance, local council rules (House in Multiple Occupation etc), your head lease etc.
  3. We request that you contact the potential tenant with 24 hours of receiving the viewing request to arrange a convenient time to show them around. At this point speed is of the essence. Most tenants are looking at multiple properties and the quicker you show them around the more chance you have of letting your property. Please note, we never give out your contact details or the full property address. We recommend that you do not give a tenant your contact details until you feel comfortable to do so (in many cases, it’s as simple as prefixing the number you are calling with 141. For some networks and phones, such as the iphone, you may need to use the #31# prefix instead. If you are unsure, please test a call first or contact your network operator for confirmation).
  4. It’s strongly advised to reconfirm the appointment with the tenant the night before and on the day of the viewing.

What will happen at the viewing?

  1. Safety first! Remember that, while at your property, the viewers’ health and safety is your responsibility. It is also wise for your own safety to ensure that a friend or relative knows that you are at the property, and what time to expect you back. We recommend that you stay with the viewer at all times where ever possible, but always if there are belongings in the property. It’s also worth double checking all doors and windows are locked before you leave.
  2. Expect to be asked questions regarding the property. Frequently asked questions relate to the estimated bills including the council tax band, whether the property is available for a long let, who manages the property and what is the neighbourhood like.
  3. Walk the tenant around the property, ensuring you point out any key selling features. This may include newly fitted items/white goods, the view, the parking arrangements, the convenient location etc. It’s always good to mention what previous tenants particularly liked about the property, or if applicable, your own experience of living there.
  4. You may wish to ask the viewer questions too and it’s handy to have these in mind. A few examples of what you may wish to ask are whether they looking for a long/short term let, when are they looking to move in, why they are moving and what they do for a living. Try to think of things that would help you to decide who would be the best tenant for you.

What if a tenant wants to make an offer?

  1. The viewer may express their interest in taking the property there and then or may ask what they should do if they want to take it. If we are completing the reference checks on your behalf, simply direct them back to us. We will contact you with details of anyone interested in applying for your property.
  2. Once you’ve given us the OK, we’ll complete our thorough tenant reference checks and keep you updated with the progress. References usually take 3-5 working days to complete. Once completed, we’ll send you a copy of the reference report(s) for your approval. At this point, you will also have the opportunity to purchase rent guarantee insurance, should you wish.
  3. We recommend that you take a holding deposit to ensure the tenant is committed to your property, however due to the tenant fees ban, holding deposits can only be held for a short period of time. YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE A HOLDING DEPOSIT UNTIL WE ADVISE YOU TO DO SO.
  4. If you’re completing your own reference checks, please just proceed with your usual protocol. If you will be taking a holding deposit, please read our guide on what you can/can’t do. There’s also a handy template email you can use when requesting the deposit.

What happens next?

During the referencing process, if we are providing you with a tenancy agreement, we will send you a copy for you to review. If we are helping you with any other aspects of the let (deposit lodging, inventory etc) or if we will be managing your property, we will be in touch with you in due course.

If you are concerned about the level of interest in your property, please contact the office on 03300883973 or via email at We are always happy to offer our recommendations on improving your property’s performance.

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