Zero Deposit for Landlords

Zero Deposit for Landlords

We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with industry leading Zero Deposit. We are now able to give our landlords the option to include a Zero Deposit Guarantee option alongside a traditional Cash Deposit.

“Reduce void periods by lowering the upfront cost for your tenants. Keep the same protection as a traditional security deposit.”

Faster renting. Better protection.

Zero Deposit™ landlords are guaranteed six weeks of security. As a landlord, you don’t pay a penny.

A Zero Deposit™ Guarantee replaces a traditional tenancy deposit, giving landlords the same cover and protection as having a tenancy deposit in the bank, whilst making renting more affordable for tenants.

Tenants pay a low upfront cost for a Zero Deposit policy, which is non-refundable and gives you effectively the same cover as a 6-week tenancy deposit. Tenants remain fully accountable for any damages or unpaid rents.

In the event of any financial loss or damage due to you, this is settled by the tenant or if they dispute the claim the evidence is sent for expert evaluation. If found in your favour, we settle the claim with you and recover the costs from the tenants directly, along with any recovery costs. Non-payment by the tenant at this stage may impact on the tenants credit history.

Why would landlords choose Zero Deposit?

Say hello to a world of great renters

By removing the barrier of a traditional cash deposit, you open up a whole world of trustworthy tenants ready to move in right away. All tenants have to pass thorough reference and credit checks, so you remain in control of who moves into your property.

Admin? What admin?

Setting up a Zero Deposit™ Guarantee is the easy alternative to managing a traditional deposit. No need to collect and protect money from tenants or worry about the paperwork that goes with it. Instead, once your tenants purchase a Guarantee you get even greater protection than a traditional deposit could offer.

Get claims moving as soon as your tenants move out

Any issues after the tenants moved out? Just let us know how much you want to claim, you don’t even have to send evidence to get the process started. If your claim is found to be successful, we aim to pay you within two working days.

As fair for landlords as for tenants

Because we’re independent of you and your tenant, we resolve all claims fairly – based solely on the agreement you both signed at the start of their tenancy. As we partner with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), you’ll get all the protection of a traditional deposit if there is a dispute.


Zero Deposit is a trading name of Global Property Ventures Limited, the head office of which is at Business & Technology Centre, Bessemer Drive, Stevenage, SG1 2DX (company number 10328435). Global Property Ventures is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and can be found on the Financial Services Register (firm reference number 797026).