Why use us?

Here at The Online Letting Agents, we work a little differently to some other online letting agents.

WE CONTACT EVERY ENQUIRER who expresses an interest in viewing your property and conduct a short telephone interview. By doing this, we are able to give you more information about the tenant before you contact them. Firstly, we ensure that they meet your basic criteria regarding benefits and pets, for example, and then we find out more about their situation, such as how many adults and children are moving, when they want to move etc. We then send you this information via email and also send you a text with the “highlights” so that you know you have an email waiting.

WE NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Unlike some other online agents, it is a strict rule at The Online Letting Agents never to give out a landlord’s contact details or the full rental property address. This means that you can contact tenants when you are ready, rather than being bothered by calls at all hours of the day.

REGULAR REVIEWS We want you to find tenants quickly. We review your property listing regularly to ensure that you are receiving the level of interest that your property deserves. We will make suggestions that we feel might improve your listing. By doing this, we can secure suitable tenants for you as quickly as possible and minimise any void period.

COMMUNICATION WITH TENANTS AND LANDLORDS IS BY REAL AGENTS We are always available on the phone or via email to answer any questions a landlord or tenant may have.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE is at the heart of everything we do. Our customer reviews show the wealth of positive support we receive from both landlords and tenants who have benefited from a service that exceeded their expectations and are motivated to tell the world about their experience. Hand in hand with our customer service is our commitment to finding you the best tenants for your property. Each member of the team is aware of every property on our books, and the specific requirements of each landlord.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT is also at our forefront, and key to our high levels of customer service. We can guide you through the rental process as much or as little as necessary, from offering advice and guidance on your listing, through to referencing, contracts, deposits and more.

If you are in any doubt about which online letting agent to choose, please do call us on 03300 883973, and experience our friendly, efficient customer service for yourself.