Beat the December Slowdown!

Even though it’s the time of year where the market slows down for Christmas, there’s still time to find tenants!

At this time of year, it’s key that your pricing and advert are spot on.

If you’re already advertising, check that you’re competitively priced. At this time of year, tenants need a reason to move pre-Christmas, so make sure you give them one!

Are you photographs displaying your property to the best of it’s potential? The property sites display landscape photos best. Make sure you stand as far back as possible or in doorways to show rooms as large as possible, take photos in natural light to avoid dark images and yellowing from artificial light and remove “nik-naks” to ensure the rooms don’t look cluttered. Even if you’ve already got a good selection of photographs, why not add more or swap out those that you already have? A regularly updated advert stimulates more interest than a static one.

Make sure you’re promoting your key features correctly; mention gardens/balconies, parking arrangements, new decor/kitchens (inc appliances)/bathrooms/floor coverings. Remember that tenants read the first paragraph of the description, but tend to only scan the rest, so make sure they read on by promoting your key features prominently in a summary first paragraph.

If you have any queries or concerns about the level of interest you are receiving, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to offer our recommendations.




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