Crackdown On Subletting Saves London Council £500k

Following a crackdown on the illegal subletting of council properties, the London Borough of Hillingdon has reclaimed 36 properties from people committing housing tenancy fraud.

The 36 properties have been reclaimed following a crackdown which began just over a year ago in April 2011.  The properties were reclaimed from tenants who had been illegally sub-letting their homes or who were not entitled to live there, and is estimated to have saved the council save around £500,000.

The council’s ‘Blow the whistle on housing cheats’ campaign has helped the council to identify homes being unlawfully sublet, with residents contacting them with their concerns.

Cllr Philip Corthorne, Hillingdon’s Cabinet Member for Social Care, Health and Housing, said “People who illegally sub-let local authority tenancies are denying those residents in real need of a home.  In Hillingdon this is something we will not tolerate and anyone caught faces losing their property for good.”

Garry Coote, Corporate Fraud Manager, added “Every call or tip-off that is made to my team is investigated and we will push to reclaim any property that isn’t being lived in by the correct people.  Reclaiming these properties helps us save the council money, benefiting all council taxpayers in the borough.”

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