Financing Your Next BTL Investment

When you are ready to purchase a buy to let property it is critically important that you finance it in the most cost-effective way possible.

You also need to get your funds in place as quickly as possible, as you won’t be the only one looking to snap up a bargain investment.

To ensure you get the best available mortgage deal approved as quickly as possible, it is always advisable to use a mortgage broker, preferably one which specialises in buy to let finance.

This is because the buy to let mortgage sector is quite specialised and works differently to traditional residential mortgages. It is important to know which lenders offer mortgages within the required timeframe and which products are best in different situations – only a specialist buy to let broker will have this insight.

Some specialist brokers are buy to let investors in their own right and therefore have an exact understanding of customer needs, based on first-hand experience. Highly proactive brokers will impart knowledge on how to succeed in buy to let investment.

Your mortgage broker will take time to fully understand you requirements and circumstances and with this information, will source the most competitive products from the whole of the market for you. They will then take care of everything needed to ensure that your mortgage application progresses smoothly and quickly and will deal with any contingencies for you.

To see the best mortgages available, compare mortgage rates of products that suit your requirements, or simply for a mortgage calculator, click here, or to discuss your requirements with a Buy To Let specialist, call 0845 388 4247


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