Landlord Fined over Gas Safety

A landlord has been fined £17,000 after admitting endangering the lives of a family in one of her properties.

Sima Yaqub, of Crescent Road, Sheffield, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Magistrates Court to five offences under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.

When the family moved into the property in City Road last July, Yaqub did not have a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record for the boiler.

After the original boiler in the home had broken down several times, Yaqub replaced it with a used one installed by unregistered fitter, magistrates heard.

The replacement was deemed as “immediately dangerous” when seen by a qualified engineer.

The Health and Safety Executive said landlords had “clear duties” to ensure the safety of their tenants.

HSE Inspector Denise Fotheringham said Yaqub had “shown a wilful and consistent disregard for the welfare and safety of the tenant and her family”.

The rules governing a landlord’s responsibilities for gas safety are very clear.  A landlord must have a new gas safety certificate (CP12) every 12 months.  This must be given to new tenants before they move in.  If tenants are already in situ, they must be given a copy of the CP12 certificate within 28 days of it being completed.

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