London Renters 5 Core Demands

London Renters are a coalition of tenants calling for changes to the private rented sector (PRS).

They have 5 core demands:

1. An end to fees for tenants (to bring English policy in line with Scotland)

London Renters feel that the fees charge to tenants precludes a lot of low and middle income people from the PRS.

2. Proper regulation of letting agents

This is currently a hot topic, with the majority of tenants, landlords, and letting agents happy to see more regulation in the industry.

3. No discrimination against people on housing benefit

The group are concerned about how difficult it is for tenants who receive housing benefit to rent within the PRS.  Their occupation is also forbidden by some mortgage and insurance companies.

4. Action to bring down rents and keep them under control

London Renters feel that letting agents are causing a rise in private rents. Housing charity Shelter found that a fifth of landlords had increased their rents because letting agents had encouraged them to do so.

5. Longer secure tenancies

The London Renters Let Down campaign is calling for longer, more secure tenancies.


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