Property on the Rich List!

The Sunday Times Rich List has been released, and shows that, of the top 20 wealthiest people in Britain and Ireland, 4 have got property as major part of their wealth:

2013 rank (2012 rank), name, source of wealth, 2013 wealth (2012 wealth)

1. (2) Alisher Usmanov, mining and investment, £13,300m (£12,315m)

2. (5) Len Blavatnik, investment, music and media, £11,000m (£7,580m)

3. (4) Sri and Gopi Hinduja, industry and finance, £10,600m (£8,600m)

4. (1) Lakshmi Mittal and family, steel, £10,000m (£12,700m)

5. (3) Roman Abramovich, oil and industry, £9,300m (£9,500m)

6. (9), John Fredriksen and family, shipping and oil services, £8,800m (£6,600m)

7. (8) David and Simon Reuben, property and internet, £8,281m (£7,083m)

8. (7) The Duke of Westminster, property, £7,800m (£7,350m)

9. (6) Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli, pharmaceuticals, £7,400m (£7,400m)

10. (11) Charlene and Michel de Carvalho, inheritance, brewing and banking, £7,000m (£5,490m)

11. (10) Galen and George Weston and family, retailing, £6,650m (£5,900m)

12. (15) Kirsten and Jorn Rausing, inheritance and investment, £5,109m (£3,900m)

13.(12) Hans Rausing and family, packaging, ££4,720m (£4,300m)

14.(13) Joseph Lau, property, £4,600m (£4,140m)

15, (new) Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber and family, hotels, food and industry, £4,515m

16, (17=) Sir Philip and Lady Green, retailing, £3,880m (£3,300m)

17. (14) Nicky Oppenheimer, diamonds and mining, £3,785m (£4,050m)

18. (19) Earl Cadogan and family, property, £3,675m (£3,225m)

19. (16) Sir Richard Branson and family, transport and finance and fitness clubs, £3,514m (£3,410m)

20. (21) Joe Lewis, foreign exchange and investment, £3,200m (£3,000m)

In 1989, of the 20 richest people (according to the Sunday Times Rich List), 3 had property as a major part of their wealth:

Rank, name, source of wealth, 1989 wealth

1. The Queen, head of state, £5,200m

2. The Duke of Westminster, landowner, £3,200m

3. Lord (John) Sainsbury and family, retailing, £1,967m

4. Gad and Hans Rausing, food packaging, £1,900m

5= Sir John Moores, football pools, £1,700m

5= Garfield Weston, food production, £1,700m

7= John Paul Getty II, oil, £1,200m

7= Lord Edmund Vestey, food production, £1,200m

9. Octav Botnar, car dealing, £1,000m

10. Sir James Goldsmith, finance, £750m

11. Robert Maxwell, publishing, £675m

12= Gerald Ronson, property and petrol stations, £500m

12= John and Sir Adrian Swire, shipping, £500m

14. The Earl of Cadogan, landowner, £450m

15. Alan Sugar, computers, £432m

16. Viscount Cowdray, finance, £360m

17= Lord Cayzer, finance and shipping, £350m

17= Viscount Portman, landowner, £350m

19. David Thompson, food processing and property, £335m

20= Joe Bamford, construction equipment, £300m

20= Sighismund Berger, property, £300m

20= The Duke of Buccleuch, landowner, £300m

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