Rent Collection For Overseas Landlords

A landlord who lives abroad for more than 6 months of the year must pay tax on any income they get from renting out property in the UK.

Non-Resident Landlords Scheme

Letting agents (or the tenant if there is no agent) of a non-resident landlord must deduct tax from the landlord’s UK rental income and pay that tax to HMRC unless HMRC has told them in writing that the landlord is approved to receive the rental income with no tax deducted.

Non-resident landlords can apply to HMRC for approval to receive rental income with no tax deducted. HMRC will give approval and register the landlord for self-assessment if their UK tax affairs are up to date (or either they have never had any UK tax obligations or do not expect to be liable for UK tax for the year in which the application is made).

How We Can Help

Our rent collection service is available to any overseas landlord who has consent from HMRC to receive their rent with no tax deducted.

At just £15 (inc vat) per month our Rent Collection services takes the hassle out of collecting the rent yourself.

Benefits include:

  • No setup fee
  • We aim to pay you your rent on the date it is due (subject to it having been received, and that the due date falls on a working day. Rent due on a weekend or bank holiday will be paid on the next working day)
  • We protect all received rent in a Client Account which is covered by Client Money Protection Insurance
  • We’ll chase late payments until paid
  • If we see a tenant paying late regularly, we’ll have a conversation with them to try and understand the underlying issue and advise accordingly
  • We’ll provide you with a full statement each month
  • Our fee will be taken from the rent each month

Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 stipulates that a Landlord must provide the Tenant with an address in England and Wales at which notices can be served. For overseas landlords, our address can be used for the service of notices if you have no other UK address available.


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