Scottish Landlord Prosecuted for Failing to Protect a Deposit

In a landmark hearing, a Scottish landlord has been ordered to pay his tenants three times the value of their deposit for failing to protect it in under regulations which were introduced last year.

Landlord Andrew Meehan was ordered to pay his tenants Ross Fraser and Alison Pease £3,450 for failing to secure their £1,150 deposit.  Edinburgh’s Sheriff Mackie made the ruling under the country’s tenancy deposit scheme.

Mr Fraser and Ms Pease said;  “We believe [this decision] serves as a warning to other landlords about the necessity of complying with the tenancy deposit regulations, which remove the need for tenants to take rogue landlords to court to ensure the fair return of their deposits.”

Homelessness charity Shelter Scotland, which campaigned for the introduction of the scheme, said the major breakthrough “should send a strong message of comfort to all landlords who abide by the law and a powerful warning to those that don’t.”

Director Graeme Brown said; “This is a landmark ruling that should inspire confidence in all those tenants who fear their deposit is not being protected to take action and should act as a strong warning to all landlords who are not protecting their tenants’ deposits to do so.”

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