Property Licencing – Do you need a landlord licence to let your property?

Local councils are launching landlord licensing schemes across the UK, and they are not just for shared houses!

Although house in multiple occupation (HMO) licences are the only mandatory schemes, many councils are introducing selective and additional licensing schemes. You can read more about the different licences by clicking here.

But do you need a landlord licence for your rental properties?

To find out, you should check your local council website, as the rules vary from council to council.

You can quickly access your local council website to check if you need a landlord licence by clicking here.

The average cost of a landlord licence is c. £500-£700 for five years.

Councils can charge up to £30,000 per offence to those landlords who are found not to have a licence.

In addition, offending landlords can be faced with a rent repayment order. Tenants can apply for a rent repayment order that refunds any payments they have made for up to 12 months retrospectively.


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