Referencing criteria for self employed tenants

Employment references for self employed tenants are slightly more complex than for employed tenants.

The criteria is as follows:

Applicants MUST have been self-employed for a minimum of 3 months

We then require:

– Contact details for your personal accountant if you instruct one


– A minimum of 3 months PERSONAL bank statements to show your self-employment income coming in. 

A few things to note:

We cannot assess business bank statements, these must be personal statements.

The requirements are the same for tenants who are self-employed, contracted for services, or a shareholder in a company with more than 5% share ownership.

If the minimum number of statements we require do not show a true reflection of your annual income (for example, if your work is seasonal) we can assess more bank statements.

If the income shown in your bank statements and the income given by your accountant are different, we will use the lower amount.

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