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London is 2nd Most Expensive City to Rent Property

If you thought it was expensive to rent in London, you’d be right, according to the Global Property Guide.  Based on the average size of apartment, at 120 sq m (1291 sq ft), in a prime inner city area, Monaco gets the number one spot, at £5931 per month.  Our very own London is close behind at £5683 per month.

And here are the top 10:

10 – Geneva, Switzerland, £3050

9 – Singapore, £3159

8 – Moscow, Russia, £3749

7 – Paris, France, £3787

6 – Tokyo, Japan, £3856

5 – Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, £4013

4 – New York, USA, £4057

3 – Bermuda, £4182

2 – London, UK, £5683

1 – Monaco, £5931

Accelerated Possessions

There has been a 22% increase in section 21 notices issued this year compared to last year.  This is thought to be due to landlords wanting to bring in new tenants who are prepared to pay higher rents.  With demand outstripping supply by 5/1 in some places, it is no wonder that rents have been… Continue Reading

Still a Demand For Student Accommodation

High University fees and the economic downturn have led to fewer University applications for 2012.  Some have speculated that this would be reflected in demand within the student accommodation sector.  However, this is not the case, says Caroline Kavanagh, group lettings director of Townends estate agents, who has seen no evidence of a downturn in… Continue Reading

What Repairs are Tenants Responsible For?

Tenants are required to use the property in a responsible way, taking proper care of it.  For example, turning off the water when going away if there is a risk of burst pipes, and unblocking sinks.  Tenants often have responsibility for some minor repairs and maintenance, for example, internal decoration, gardens, furniture or equipment, though… Continue Reading

What Repairs are Landlords Responsible For?

Landlords are responsible for most repairs to the exterior or structure of a property, for example, the roof, chimney, walls, guttering and drains.  Some structural problems may be covered by your building’s insurance, and you should contact your insurer as soon as possible.  The landlord is also responsible for the repair of sanitary installations (basins,… Continue Reading