Sample Letters For Landlords Regarding Coronavirus

We’ve created a selection of free resources for landlords to use when writing to their tenants regarding coronavirus.

Please feel free to amend the letters as you see fit to suit your circumstances.

General Coronavirus Letter

It’s imporant to ensure that your tenants are safe and well. Heading off issues with rent payments before they start can help make things easier for everyone at this stressful time.

Click here for our General Coronavirus Letter

Rent Repayment Schedule

If you have agreed a rent repayment schedule with your tenant, you should ensure that the details of the payment plan are agreed in writing by both parties.

Click here for our Rent Repayment Schedule Letter

Early Termination Request by Tenants

Some tenants are asking to end their tenancies early. During a fixed term tenancy, a tenant can not unilaterally end their tenancy; this can only be done by mutual surrender. Should a landlord be willing to agree to an early termination, they are within their right to charge the tenant their costs for sourcing a new tenant, should they wish.

Click here for our Early Termination Letter

Rent Arrears

If your tenant has missed a rent payment, and has not contacted you, you should try to open a dialogue with them.

Click here for our Rent Arrears Letter

Legal Certificate Due for Renewal

At present, legally required certificates should still go ahead, as long as your tenant is willing to give access. You must respect their decision if they do not want a contractor to access, but should keep a written record of your attempts to gain access, and the tenant’s refusal.

Click here for our Certificate Due Letter


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